Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eid Mubarak: Cross-cultural Image Exchange in Muslim South Asia

The festival of Eid may still be a few months away, but as they say, “May everyday of your life be the day of Eid, and every night, the night of Divali.” Happy Eid!

Tasveer Ghar is excited to present a new visual essay about the circulation of images through the Eid greeting cards in India and Pakistan since the early 20th century until now.

“Eid Mubarak: Cross-cultural Image Exchange in Muslim South Asia”

By Yousuf Saeed

While Eid greeting cards have existed in most Muslim societies, this essay looks at the production and use of picture postcards of Eid in South Asia since their early days, to see how they emerged as popular vehicles of iconography across cultures via the postal networks, especially defying many stereotypes about Muslims and Islam as they are prevalent today.

The author, Yousuf Saeed, has been archiving and writing about South Asia’s Islamic popular culture since many years.

We hope that you have been enjoying the various visual essays appearing on Tasveer Ghar website so far. Very soon we are bringing out an edited and illustrated volume of selected essays from Tasveer Ghar with contributions from many well known authors from all over the world.

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