Thursday, October 4, 2018

New Visual Essays from 'Manly Matters' Project

We are happy to announce a new visual essay on our website as part of our ongoing project ‘Manly Matters’ about the iconographies of the masculine in South Asian visual culture.

Sarunas Paunksnis and Runa Chakraborty: Masculine Anxiety in the Films of Anurag Kashyap
"Kashyap’s films act as representatives of a new social order currently prevailing in India and compel us to understand the complex process through which the notion of masculinity is being continually configured."

You may also see our previous features from the same project that were announced earlier: 

Shabnam Naher and Mossabber Hossain: Male Beautification and the Beauty Salon, Changing Perceptions of 'Masculinity' among Males in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Rupali Sehgal: Selling Intoxicating Bondings: Hyper Masculinity and Print Alcohol Ads in India.
A gallery of Indian liquor advertisements showing the tropes of masculinity.

Sourav Roy: The Constitution of India: A National Gallery of a Few Good Men.
A visual essay on the Constitution of India as a visual document embodying masculine ideals.

Gaurav Kalra: Politics of Posture and Sartorial Sagacity: The Construction of Ascetic Masculinity in Vivekananda’s Photographs and Posters

We would wait to receive your feedback on these essays and images, which you can provide using Comments box at the end of the essays/galleries.

Tasveer Ghar team
(Christiane Brosius, Sumathi Ramaswamy, Yousuf Saeed)

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